CL Best Of: Just fucking fuck me, already.

I took this verbaitm from Craigslist.

It’s good.

Read it.

Just fucking fuck me, already:

Attraction 101

Another article from the 2009-2010 era.

Most people think of attraction as a “stage” of seduction - the stage that follows opening and precedes qualifying.

Coming changes

Due to recent life-changing events, I have shifted focus to more pressing concerns than just pure pickup.

Fortunately for the readers of this site, this involves many improvements, both functional and content-wise, to the site itself, as well as new products (for real this time).

Effects of feminism: J Crew

J Crew introduces “size 000” and faces huge backlash.

Of course, the backlash is coming from overweight feminists who don’t want to be reminded of their weight.

Qualification 101

This is an article I wrote way back in the day (2010/2011). Decided to re-post since I seem to be missing material on qualification on the new site.

Qualifying is similar to attraction in the sense that while it is generally recognized as a “stage” in the seduction process, it is actually ALWAYS happening.

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