NYC Journal 2, Week 30: How TV fucked up my game + Current Goals

If you look at my lay rate around November 2013, you’ll notice a dip.

The cause of that dip? Too much TV.

I don’t actually have cable, but I download TV series and I’ll watch 3-4 episodes per day.

Why divorce rates are high, men and women don't get along, and common knowledge about relationships is completely wrong

Imagine a utopian society.

Everyone is happy, doing exactly what they want to do.

Everyone has a loving and caring spirit. Everyone is always willing to lend a helping hand when needed.

NYC Journal 2, Week 29: Perfecting the non-alcoholic date

After getting way too drunk and feeling like shit the next day (and STILL not getting laid), I finally got the motivation to create a proper escalation stack so I don’t have to drink myself into oblivion.

Tested it out tonight. It’s epic. It’s actually¬†helping me bring out my sexuality and dominance more.

Why New York women are perfect for you

This article was inspired by “8 reasons why New York women can’t get a husband”.

The reasons why NY women can’t get a husband are the very same reasons that make them great for picking up.

Chapters store at Richmond & John to close May 30


I picked up so many girls here, kinda makes me sad…

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